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Najibullah, a battered resident of the Kandahar province, talks about rebuilding after the latest American air strikes.


Click here to watch the interview from the  Brave New Films foundation.

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The Nation editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel discusses the Obama administration’s hopeful first steps and the potential stumbling block posed by the war in Afghanistan.


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2552191337_240b64d637_mI wrote this on Sunday night in between stoppages of play during Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  The Wings won and my piece got posted the next evening so I was pretty happy with the results.

Hockey fan or not, be sure to watch the ad I refer to in the post–I asked my editor to embed the YouTube video in the text but she just made it another hyperlink, for some strange reason.

Also, I touched “the ultimate prize” when I was in high school, thus ruining my chance at becoming a successful player in the NHL.  It was worth it.

UPDATE – My editor emailed me: “Okay, fixed those issues and embedded the video (I didn’t at first because it was all starting to seem a bit too worshipful, like you were on the NHL payroll….). But added now, because your pathological adoration of hockey may have company.”  Oh what I would not give to be on the NHL payroll…


On May 31st the Detroit Red Wings earned a two-game lead over the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals, the championship series of the National Hockey League (NHL). The hard-fought games showcased hockey at its finest and fiercest. Indeed, a fight broke out with 18.2 seconds left in the second game—something common in the regular season and nearly unheard of in the finals, when a two-minute penalty can cost a team its season.

In the Stanley Cup Playoffs passions run high. Perhaps this is because players are not competing for gaudy rings, silly trophies (designed to look like a collection of giant cocktail toothpicks) or cash bonuses, per se, unlike in other major North American sports. Rather, they are battling to have their names engraved on the Stanley Cup, “perhaps the world’s best known piece of folk art,” according to the authors of the book “The Ultimate Prize“.


Click here to read the rest of the blog post and make a comment. 

Photo credit: michaelrighi (via Flickr)

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In spite of the mounting  military and civilian costs, it appears that Congress is preparing to sign a very big blank check for expanding the war along the Afghanistan and Pakistan border.

Click here to watch the Brave New Films foundation video and read more about the bill.

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I wrote up the first two segments of this series, the first of which was re-posted here.   Of the three, I find this the most compelling and convincing.  Given the explicit anti-war message of the Brave New Films foundation, their argument isn’t the most balance (ex: the potential costs of a return to Taliban rule in Afghanistan are never considered), but the escalating price of this quagmire is shocking nonetheless.  The full fourteen-minute documentary as well as the previous segments can be found in the write up linked below.


Journalists, academics and an Afghan presidential candidate the costs of the US involvement in the war and rebuilding in Afghanistan.


Click here to watch the trailer from the Brave New Films foundation and find out more about the war in Afghanistan.


Photo credit: mkobil (via Flickr)

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I got the idea for this video from a More Intelligent Life article on it writen by the Blogroll-ed author Gary Moskowitz of blogowitz.  I was only able to write the clip up by tying it to an anti-war article  that ran in The Nation this week.


Afghan Star is both the name of the popular American Idol-type Afghani television show and an award-winning film about its embattled contestants.

Click here to learn more and watch the movie trailer.


Picture credit: Afghan Star press kit

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A variety of Afghanis, journalists and academics weigh in on President Obama’s decision to increase the troop deployment in the embattled country.

Click here to watch the trailer from the Brave New Film foundation.

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