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In case the post doesn’t make it totally clear, for the record, I love the Rock. And the insightful use of profanity. And funny shit.

Chris-Rock-Corbin-HiarChris Rock may have been wrong about AIDS—but only slightly. In his second blockbuster comedy special for HBO, “Bigger and Blacker” (1999), Rock emphatically suggested that:

They ain’t never curing AIDS. Don’t even think about that shit. There ain’t no money in the cure. The money’s in the medicine. That’s how you get paid. On the comeback. That’s how a drug dealer makes his money. On the comeback. That’s all the government is. A bunch of motherfucking drug dealers. On the comeback. They ain’t curing no AIDS.

It seems Rock may have been right to suspect that a cure would not come from the pharmaceutical industry. A new AIDS vaccine has recently shown promising experimental results, owing to the efforts of a California non-profit called Global Solutions for Infectious Disease.

Rock has had an impressive track record in speaking foul-mouthed truth to power.

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3177065857_4af3a7ea1c1“If you voted for Barack Obama, make some noise!”  Given the volume of the crowd’s response to Jay-Z’s request, there were few John McCain supporters at Monday night’s star-studded concert. Sean Carter, the hip-hop headliner who performs as Jay-Z, helped pull tog ether the talent for the Warner Theatre show in downtown Washington, DC. But it was the memory of Martin Luther King mixed with the impending inauguration that gave the evening its energy.

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3204323423_fafc2722f41After a long night of celebratory campaign reunions (patriotic bunting and ironic “Mission Accomplished” banners were two recurring decorative themes), my sister, a couple friends and I left her apartment on Capitol Hill to make our way down to the Lincoln Memorial for the Inaugural celebration concert. If one did not know the way there, it was easy to ascertain by watching the mass of people heading down Pennsylvania Avenue to the 17th Street entrances. Memorabilia vendors lined the sidewalks hawking all manner of Obama-related merchandise.

Concrete barriers and eight-foot-high panels of interlocking grates had been set up along some of the sidewalks lining the section of the city to be closed off for Tuesday’s Inaugural parade; stacks of unassembled grates were piled up on street corners. Out-of-place, camouflaged humvees sat idling in the middle of blocked-off intersections; equally incongruous MPs directed cars and pedestrians. I was amused to see my first motorcycle with a sidecar outside of a Disney movie and surprised to encounter US Customs and Border Patrol agents at the official staging area entry point.

Clearly, this was no ordinary Bruce Springsteen concert.

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